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Kilimanjaro Mountain – The Ultimate Africa Hiking Safari Challenge

Kilimanjaro Mountain - The Ultimate Africa hiking safari Challenge

Wondering where to go for your next great Africa hiking safari adventure?  Here is an Africa safari option to Kilimanjaro national park to experience a spectacular Africa hiking safari adventure as you hike Africa’s rooftop Kilimanjaro mountain the highest mountain.

This Africa safari tour takes to Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro National Park which is located in the eastern region of the African continent along with geographical co-ordinates of 3o04’S 37022’E.

Kilimanjaro National Park is found in the northeastern direction of Tanzania, it is bordered by Kenya Tanzania in the north, other towns like Mkuu, Engare Nairobi and Machame border the park in the east-west and south respectively.

Kilimanjaro National Park covers an area of about 1688sqkm including Africa’s highest mountain.

On exploring Kilimanjaro national park on this Tanzania safari, you will discover that conservation in Kilimanjaro began in the early 20th century when the area around mt. Kilimanjaro was gazetted as a game reserve by the colonial government in 1921, in 1973, the mt. Kilimanjaro area that is commonly referred to as the mountain above the tree line as it lies about 2700m or 8900ft above sea level was declared as a national park. In 1987, mt. Kilimanjaro national park was declared a UNESCO world heritage site.

This Africa hiking safari in Kilimanjaro gets you to have a thorough understanding of Africa’s highest mountain which is a stratovolcano mountain that is believed to have been formed around 3million years ago.

Kilimanjaro mountain has three summit peaks and these are Kibo which is the highest peak at 5896m or 19341ft, Mawenzi the 2nd highest peak at 5149m or 16893ft and Shira is the lowest at 4005m or 13140ft.

Kibo summit peak is still a dormant volcano which can erupt again but the Mawenzi and Shira are extinct volcanoes.

Summit peak Shira erupted between 2.5-1.9million years ago and now its top is occupied by a caldera or crater that has greatly reduced by erosive forces.

Before its eruption, peak Shira is believed to have had an altitude between 4900-5200m or 16000-17000ft.

Still, on this Africa hiking expedition to the top of this block mountain, you get to experience a variation in vegetation and weather conditions since Kilimanjaro national park has got 4 distinct vegetation types due to its varying altitude.

These various vegetation types are the ultimate influencers of the climatic conditions here as each of these vegetation types experiences a different climatic pattern.

The vegetation types on mountain Kilimanjaro include montane forests that are found at an altitude 1800- 3000m or 5900-6500ft above sea level, here temperatures vary between 22-25oC or 68-77oF.

Moorland vegetation type, this is found between altitude 3000-4000m or 9800ft, temperatures here lie between 20oC-15oC.

alpine dessert which is found at altitude 4000-5000m or 13100ft, temperatures here is -10oC – +15oC above sea level and finally permanent or eternal ice which s is found above 5000m, temperatures are between -10oC – -25oC.

For ultimate mountain hiking enthusiast around the world, east Africa has got everything you need in an ultimate Africa hiking experience because not only is this part of Africa home to the highest mountain on the African continent but also home to the 2nd and 3rd highest mountains in Africa which are mountain Kenya in Mountain Kenya National Park and mountain Rwenzori in Mountain Rwenzori National Park in Uganda.

This, therefore, means you can have an Africa hiking experience in these countries as well.

Kilimanjaro national park is famous for of course for being the host of the highest mountain on the African continent, but its still the a national park that has so much more to offer to you if you allow yourself to sway your eyes away from the attractive and heart’s darling, the Kilimanjaro mountain pay attention to other things attractions here, you will discover that this is the land that still has many of the African mammals such as the cape buffaloes, elephants, bush duikers, bush babies, leopards and primates like the black and white colobuses, blue monkeys, 705 forest birds and highland bird species and a variety  of tree species are all home to this African gem.

However, these attractions in Kilimanjaro National Park and more can still be gotten with a Tanzania wildlife safari to other tropical savanna national parks in Tanzania such as Lake Manyara National Park, Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Park And Serengeti National Park.

Serengeti National Park, however, holds a special place in the hearts of hardcore Africa wildlife safaris goers because a Tanzania safari tour here comes with a possibility of catching glimpses of the great wildebeest migration and if the timing of your Africa safari adventure is in sync with the occurrence of this natural wonder where millions of wildebeests and other animals embark on a journey of a lifetime from the southern ends of Tanzania’s Serengeti national park all the way into Masai Mara National Reserve in southern Kenya, you will be in position to watch a spectacle unfold right before your eyes as these seemingly careless wildebeests plunge themselves one after the other as if s  omeone is chasing after them into the Grumeti River which is filled with thousands of hungry Nile crocodiles that are waiting to devour and feast on these crossing animals.

A similar Africa safari tour experience like that in Serengeti national park can be had when you make a Kenya wildlife safari to Masai Mara National Reserve which is connected to the Serengeti national park at its southern boundaries.

Other Kenya safari destinations that are worth considering for an epic Africa wildlife safari adventure include Tsavo East National Park, Nairobi National Park, Amboseli National Park and Aberdares National Park and Lake Nakuru National Park.

East Africa being country of extensive savanna grassland plains, you still enjoy a similar Africa safaris adventures when you make a Uganda safari to any of Uganda wildlife safari destinations such as Queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park and Lake Mburo National Park.

This Uganda safari tour experience gives you an enchanted opportunity to enjoy thrilling encounters with all the 5 big Africa game which include lions, leopards, cape buffaloes, African bush elephants and rhinos as well as a variety of other wild mammals.

Since Uganda is one of the highly revered Africa birding safari destinations, a Uganda bird watching safari to any of these parks gives chance to catch glimpses of several of the 1070 bird species that roam the skies of this beautiful pearl of Africa.

What makes safari in Uganda more enticing to many Africa safaris tours makers is the possibility of enjoying an Africa gorilla safari adventure in Uganda since Uganda is home to these remarkable gentle giants.

Many Africa Wildlife Safari goers who visit Uganda usually ensure to make to have a Uganda gorilla safari experience as they visit Mgahinga Gorilla National park or Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

A gorilla safari Uganda to any of these puts you in the right place to have a fascinating encounter with any of the 19 gorilla families are found here.

Prime safaris and tours ltd has positioned itself as one of the best local travel companies that give you an amazing gorilla trekking Uganda experience or a Uganda wildlife safari as it has a wide range of safari packages to all wildlife destinations in Uganda /Rwanda /Kenya /Tanzania and Congo.

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