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South Africa Wildlife safaris

South Africa Wildlife safaris Tours presents a fusion of the country’s amazing landscapes ranging from the rolling wilderness areas of Kruger National Park to the Marine recreation along the Atlantic and Indian Ocean sea boards intercepted by the ancient heritage of the Zulu and Swaziland Kingdoms, the Cape wine lands, the Robben Islands, the Table Mountains, Private Game reserves of Phinda and Lion Sands, Karoo National Park, Mpumalanga escarpment and the Blyde River Canyon among other amazing features.

The South African history has been shaped by series of events some of which date back to the ancient times. The bonafide natives of South Africa like the San Bushmen among other tribal groups were forced into the deeper areas of the country following the coming of the Boers while the coming of the English men resulted into clashes with the Boers due to conflict of interest. The historical Portuguese navigators also feature substantively in the South African history especially around the Cape of Good Hope that was a vantage to them in their sailing expeditions. Therefore the Safari tour to South Africa is in one way or the other a beyond the ordinary journey for various travelers from all over the world.