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Africa Community Tours, African Community Tours, Community Tours in Africa

African community tours/community tours in Africa are flexible and tailor-made for holidaymakers wanting to learn more about the African continent and contribute directly to the local communities. Our community safaris in Africa focus more on delivering depth experiences behind the scenes to tourists where you engage personally and enjoy the local activities and company of communities on your visit.

These community safaris are based on conservation and sustainability motives. Community trip tour holidays involve community development projects like the relocation of wildlife, schools being built in rural areas, and volunteer programs like the solar power building program.

During these encounters, you get opportunities seeking insight into the real village life in Africa and you get clear chances of special bonding with the locals and catching a glimpse of African culture during your safari tour. African community safaris are amazing in Tanzania, Zambia, Victoria Falls, South Africa, Madagascar, Zanzibar, Kenya, Uganda, and Morocco. Community safaris in Africa suit all ages and interests and we round up the best Africa community experiences.

Top African Cultural Safari Destinations

Be moved by the warmth of Africa’s people

During the community safaris in Africa, you will meet, understand and appreciate the people of Africa. You will take a group tour safari and learn more about an insight village and take a meaningful contribution to improving the lives of community members with a meaningful difference.

Visit local communities and enjoy a taste of their vibrant culture or engage in group volunteer trip programs that range from giving support to local African school programs to change lives of children and more while on your community safaris.

What are the Best Conservation and Community Experiences in East Africa?

Africa Community Tours

Some of these amazing experiences in East Africa are;

A Unique Conservation Experience at Usangu Expedition Camp Ruaha National Park, Tanzania

The Usangu expedition Camp sits among the perfect launch pad on the banks of wetlands in Ruaha Game Park in Tanzania.

This camp symbolizes in investing in effort in Africa conservation, in that the land is not used for agriculture purposes but for its unique wildlife conservation and creates meaningful travel experiences of contribution and positive impact.

On your community tour experiences while here, you are given opportunities to join the tracking program of collared animals on safaris when you visit like Leopards, Lions, Cheetah, and Wild dog, support researchers in the research center, or help with camera trap settings.

It is the best way to travel with purpose on this tour and you get to understand what is needed to conserve the area and its animal inhabitants and to preserve this incredible natural world for future generations.

Immersive Gorilla Conservation Experiences Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

The immersive Gorilla conservation is led by the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund which is a pioneer in the Mountain Gorilla Conservation program. They will offer you a deeper and richer Gorilla trekking experience when you visit the land of a thousand hills and many animal species.

The African wildlife conservation experiences help raise funds for non-profit organizations and the funds raised are used in investing in the local children outreach program to make a meaningful difference in the world like developing the villages and homes and other factors.

The immersive Gorilla conservation experience comprises;

  1. Behind scenes Campus tour
  2. Gorilla Trek tour with a Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund Researcher
  3. Private Gorilla Conservation Master Class
  4. Silverback Sundowner tour

Learn from the Ancient Batwa Tribe Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

On your community trip encounters in East Africa, you can explore the Batwa Resettlement project and Heritage safari which have been developed at Mount Gahinga Lodge.

This Batwa community has 100 adults and children who had no home ever since they left Mgahinga Park.

A permanent village has been built for the Batwa community program and their families on about 10 acres so that they have enough land to build homes, a community centre, and a school for children, for agriculture so that they change their lives to avoid challenges, and other factors to consider.

There are traditional huts for each family and a short trail that allows the Batwa to demonstrate how they used to live, hunt, and collect honey from the forest when you visit making your trip tour memorable with a real feeling of culture and life.

Other Community Experiences in East Africa include;

  • Running for Change at the Serengeti Girls Run Serengeti, Tanzania
  • Luxury Electric Safari Vehicles & Wildlife Research Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya
  • Help ‘Re-Green’ Africa on a Hot Air Balloon Safari Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya – it is also one of the best ways to view the biodiversity of animal species.

What are the Best Conservation and Community Experiences in Southern Africa?

Africa community tours

Some of the amazing experiences in Southern Africa are;

Community Experiences at Tongabezi Lodge Victoria Falls, Zambia

The Tongabezi Lodge is situated in the shade of a towering grove of ebony trees just on the right bank of the Zambezi River. This lodge is designed and operated based on sustainability and community involvement.

When you visit the lodge, you can visit the Tongabezi Trust School where learners receive free education and nutritious meals. You can as well engage with community members of Simonga Villa with amazing traditions to see some of the challenges they go through or help them with some of the project work that they have.

Plant Spekboom & Get Involved with the Community Kwandwe Private Game Reserve, South Africa

Kwandwe Private Game Reserve along with its social development partner invest in projects that improve lives and create sustainable livelihood opportunities. You can get involved in many activities to get to know people by learning about their ways, aid vital work projects, and give back to the surrounding communities and families.

Tourists can always plant Spekboom a thicket vegetation during the program which is native to the Eastern Cape and prolific on Kwandwe Private Game Reserve for animal and bird species to flourish.

Shangaan Culture Comes to Life at Kambako Living Museum Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve, Zimbabwe

Kambako Living Museum is situated just outside of the reserve and it is a popular excursion for guests who want to learn more about the local Shangaan culture. The Shangaan were part of the Zulu tribes with amazing traditions that split in the 19th Century and for them settled here.

On your visit, you will learn how to make fire from friction, water divining, bow, and arrow making, and explore more adventure attractions. By engaging in their traditions or ways of life, you will be directly contributing to the changing of their lives in that they don’t face some challenges.

Other Community Experiences in Southern Africa are;

  • Track Desert – adapted Rhino at Desert Rhino Camp Damaraland in Etosha National Park, Namibia
  • Aid in Vital Conservation Initiatives Marakele National Park, South Africa

Volunteer in Africa

Africa Community Tours

Volunteering in Africa is part of community safaris and it enables volunteers to immerse in vibrant cultures, discover unique wildlife not commonly seen in other parts of the world and make valuable contributions to the local communities and families like business startups.

Projects usually involve community development program modules, sharing skills, childcare projects for children, or volunteer teaching in Africa. In most cases, you need an initiative raising money program and the funds raised are used in project development.

The decision to bring a school group for community service trips in Africa is not one to be taken lightly. For school group volunteer safari adventures, we have worked with school groups for many years and we are in a perfect position to ensure your school trip safari volunteer projects in Africa go ahead without any inconvenience.

Some of the projects are not for every school group, but this is not a problem as we arrange other amazing projects ideal for trips. We have taken many school children for group trips while working on community projects in Africa.

Best Africa Volunteer Programs Abroad In 2023 & 2024

There are sought-after destinations across Africa for volunteer trips and projects. These range from;

  • Tanzania – Arusha
  • Uganda – Northern and Eastern region
  • Zambia – Livingstone
  • Zimbabwe – Victoria Falls
  • Madagascar – Nosy Komba
  • Ghana – Greater Accra region
  • Kenya – Nairobi
  • South Africa – Cape Town
  • South Africa – Kruger Park
  • Zanzibar – Jozani and Nungwi
  • Morocco – Rabat, Casablanca, and Sale

East Africa Clean Water Project

Water is essential and basic need in every home. However, 80% of the population in East Africa has no access to clean water, you can be part of the lifesaving team working tirelessly to reduce waterborne diseases and help install gutters and water tanks for easy water access during the water safety program to make a meaningful difference on your trip for local people and children.

Save Rhino in Uganda

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary holds the only wild Rhinos in Uganda and it offers students amazing experiences of being part of the program of saving the critically endangered animals making Ziwa their living paradise.

Join the rangers, support the anti-poaching team projects from poachers who hunt the Rhinos, and assist in teaching local school children about wildlife preservation when you visit.

Napenda Solar Community in Kenya

Be the one that gives a home/family or school clean sustainable green electricity in Eastern Africa. Study the solar power program, how it works, and the benefits before investing, designing, and installing a standalone solar power project system in a poor rural home or school to change lives of locals and children.

Refurbish a School in East Africa

Most schools in East Africa lack funds to paint the walls so that there is decent lighting. You can assist in painting the walls when you visit to brighten the classrooms or build new classroom desks and tables so that school children study in comfort with happy lives.

You can as well donate books and other scholastic materials so that the schools in East Africa are fully stocked in the libraries.

Save the East African Environment

You can assist a school or local community to fight erosion and give the soil a new lease by supplying and planting indigenous trees. The cutting down of trees has come up due to a lack of cooking fuels and electricity in many communities and families as they have no choice.

You can work with community members to plant and help educate communities and families on environmental program issues. You can support the East African environment project in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Sports Field Construction Community Service

Sports are for everyone but due to the lack of a sports field, school children are left out of this opportunity to enjoy sports. You can start a project by gifting a poor school with a football field, netball, or volleyball.

This project can start with leveling the land, marking the field, digging trenches, and constructing posts.

How much does it cost to volunteer in Africa?

Volunteer trips are easy and affordable. Most fully hosted Africa volunteer programs start from as little as $20 per day. Any volunteer safari journey inclusive range from accommodation, meals, airport pickup, orientation before the beginning of the program, activities in villages if there are any, and initiative comprehensive support services.

Is it safe to volunteer in Africa?

Africa Community Tours

Yes, it is safe to volunteer in Africa as there is a comprehensive approach to managing safety and reducing risks across all the volunteer trip programs.

The Volunteer programs are only open in immersed countries where local government and health guidelines deem it safe. However, before departure for the journey, make sure that you have your travel insurance for the epic adventure.


What is community tourism?

Community tourism includes workshops, youth projects like sharing expertise skills, education, performances, dining, homestays, and accommodation which are provided by the local community in villages.

How does this benefit the community?

Everything is organized and owned by local communities or families and this provides employment and development. Funds raised are used in projects that range from constructing schools with amazing classroom buildings for better education, health centres, and the development of the surrounding communities like villages and families with business startups.

How does this benefit conservation?

Volunteer trips and community safaris contribute to wildlife preservation by teaching local people and the surrounding communities and families about the dangers of cutting down vegetation cover and poaching.

This preserves the environment for initiative future visitors and residents.

How does this benefit tourists?

Tourists on a community tourism project experience a unique and authentic side of a real African village.

You get to experience the local culture, try out the traditional food, visit the local schools and see school children in their classrooms, meet villagers in their homestays in remote villages, and interact with the youth on how they run their daily business projects.

A community tour surely provides one of the most meaningful memories of an adventurous African safari holiday.

In conclusion, African community safaris offer opportunities of learning more about the African continent and contribute to the development of local communities and families with an insight into a local village.

Community safaris also involve volunteer programs as you can engage in wildlife conservation programs, school building, solar power projects, and local community group development projects of sharing skills.

They can be combined with other African safaris to give you full excitement when you visit Africa let it be on business or wildlife safaris.

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