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Africa Birding Safaris & Bird watching Tours

Birdwatching tours in Africa/African birding tours are the best way of observing colorful bird species in their nature habitat on the African continent. Africa is known for the best birding safaris in the world as birds are part of the African landscape. Birding tours in Africa are extraordinary as you get to see some of the endemics. Even on an ordinary safari, you get to see amazing avifauna like bee-eaters and Rollers, Proud Eagles, and Ostriches.

Many areas are dominated by open savannah rather than dense rainforest, Africa tops the list of spotting large avifauna in the course of an ordinary tour. Most of the top African safari destinations have a checklist of more than 500 bird species. These include Serengeti National Park, Kruger National Park of South Africa, and Queen Elizabeth National Park of Uganda. Within these national parks, you get to combine a birding tour with game viewing for a remarkable African safari.

For the best birding in Africa, then you need to visit Southern African and East Africa as you will see great birds including new birds of discovery. If you are birding genetic, then a guided birding safari will maximize your sighting opportunities.

Top Birding Safaris in Africa

Best African Birdwatching Destinations/Countries

These top African bird watching destinations are for twitchers who are interested in seeing new birds. Bird-watching tours in Africa are diverse and are enjoyed in the most scenic destinations of South and East Africa.

If you want a glimpse of great birds, then you shouldn’t miss these destinations.

Tanzania Birdwatching Safaris

African Birding Safaris

The best alternative to enjoy South Africa is to have a week safari in Tanzania. This is a great country for birding vacations as you get to enjoy a variety of East African endemics and almost over 20 endemics in the country.

The most common birding areas in this country are Selous birding, Ruaha, Serengeti, Mahale, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara, Gombe, Tarangire, Arusha, and Katavi. When birding in Tanzania, you get a chance to see the country’s small and large animals along with the most stunning famous tourist sites.

Some of the beautiful sites in this country are Serengeti with its big cats and it hosts the annual migration of wildebeests, the Great Rift Valley, the Ngorongoro Crater, Flamingo-filled lakes, and Mountain Kilimanjaro. Birding ecotours are unmissable in this country as you will watch birds alongside wildlife.

Birding in Uganda

As you plan to explore Africa for your birding safari, we will help you enjoy most of the bird species found in Africa. It is the best country for seeing the Shoebill and Albertine rift endemic species, and the Green Breasted Pitta.

The mammals to see in this country are Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees. This country is also famous for its beautiful Colobus monkeys and many more.

While in Uganda during a birding safari, you will get a chance to see the great Albertine or the western Rift, the famous Bwindi Impenetrable National park that is known for the Mountain Gorillas, the source of the Nile, and Lake Victoria the biggest lake in Africa.

South Africa Birding Tours

South Africa is the most known country for first-timers in Africa as this country has mountains, beaches, and as well as amazing wildlife within the rolling hills. Birders come to South Africa for the best birding tour and keep on returning even though they have seen all the bird species.

This country of South Africa is big as it takes some days of birding in South Africa to get sightings of spectacular species. Many birders use this as an excuse to return to South Africa for birding.

South Africa has the Big Five animals and a variety of smaller mammals within Kruger National Park. The Zulu land and Kruger National Park have got a variety of small mammals.

A birding tour in South Africa can start in Durban and end in Johannesburg with sightings of mammals and 400 bird species in the area including the Drakensberg rockjumper at the cape.

South Africa is not expensive when it comes to birding as you go bird watching in the country on a self-drive tour. You can also link up with a birding tour operator in the country for the best birding safari.

We offer the best South Africa birding tours with remarkable wildlife tours in Kruger National Park as you get to see big mammals and great birds.

Botswana Birdwatching Tours

Botswana has many vast tracts of untouched wilderness with a variety of wildlife and the country has two environments including the Kalahari and the Okavango Delta both having great mammals. Bird watching is unmissable in Botswana as it is the ultimate destination for birding just like South Africa.

Some of the species to see at the delta include the wattled crane, Slaty Egret, and the Lesser Jacana. Birders can also watch birds in Chobe National Park. Botswana has no endemic bird species though birders can reach out for several specialties including small groups of the southern pied babblers, Hartlaub’s babblers, Brown fire finch, Drakensberg rockjumper, etc.

Rwanda Birding

African Birding Safaris

Bird watching in this country is taken slightly because of the Gorillas with Volcanoes Park. Bird-watching is in this amazing and gives birders a chance to see some of the rare bird species.

Rwanda has got over 600 species and this makes this small country a great birding destination. The main area for bird watching in Rwanda is Nyungwe Forest National Park and it’s recognized as an IBA meaning an important Bird Area by Bird Life International.

On your birding ecotours in Rwanda, you can visit the papyrus swamps of Akagera National Park to spot the prehistoric Shoebill and other mammals.

Mozambique Bird Tours

Mozambique is a lush and varied country with birding good along the Indian Ocean coastline. Bird watching in this country offers a chance to see great birds like the endangered Thyolo Alethe, the White Tailed Blue Flycatcher, Red Collared Mountain Babbler, etc.

The birding highlight of southern Mozambique is the Gorongosa National Park, with open woodlands, seasonal wetlands, and grasslands. This park has many great sightings of avifauna including the crowned cranes, the Drakensberg rockjumper, Vocal Burchell’s Coucal, the Red Necked Spurfowl, and other mammals.

Africa birding expeditions in Mozambique are unique and special as you see exciting birds which are only found on the African continent.

Namibia Birding Safaris

Namibia is a great birding safari destination as this country has got a variety of species that are not found in any other part of the world. On your Africa birding tours, you can go to Botswana to see the Pel’s Fishing Owl, which is one of Africa’s most liked bird, and the Slaty Egret which is a rare species.

You will also be close to Victoria Falls. An 18-day Namibia birding tour will make you adventure and explore Namibia and the Okavango.

If interested in wildlife, then you are covered since this country has one of the best wildlife on the African continent which you can enjoy during game viewing like the rare Black Footed Cat.

Malawi or Zambia

These countries are also good destinations for birding trips as they have special birds. Both countries have also endemics that you cannot find anywhere else on the continent.

Zambia birding often highlight the famous Shoebill and the Pel’s Fishing Owl. Also, the African Pitta is most desirable and it breeds in the Zambezi River area of Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi as well as Mozambique.

Zimbabwe Bird Tours

Zimbabwe doesn’t have any endemic species but it still runs as a great destination for avifauna. Bird-watching vacations in this country would be epic in the rainy season as there is abundant food and many birds are in their breeding plumage.

The specialties here include; the Taita Falcon, the Drakensberg rockjumper, and the Angola Pitta. This country has over 650 bird species recorded with 8 of the 10 families endemic to the African mainland and other mammals.

The main destinations for birding ecotours here are Hwange Park, the rocky shores of Lake Kariba, the lush rain forests in the tiny Victoria Falls National Park, and the Mana Pools National Park mainly known for the walking safaris.

Kenya Birding Safaris

This country is a known destination for bird watching and its geographical ranges give various climates and landscapes which leads to the higher number of species in the country.

Much migrant avifauna come to Kenya’s marine and into the land shorelines. On your birding ecotours, you can find many swallows, waders as well as terns in this area. Between June and July, weavers and Bishops are breeding plumage and there are many Southern African migrants that visit the country.

This country also holds the world record for bird-watching with over 342 species that can be seen in 24 hours.

Also, Kenya’s parks offer the best bird watching. Kenya’s diverse range of habitats supports a great diversity of avifauna which makes bird-watching safaris rewarding.

List of Top African Birdwatching National Parks

There are amazing parks that offer the best Africa birding safari tours. These parks are amazing birding sites that will offer you birding ecotours as well as remarkable game viewing.

These are the best African parks or birding sites for birding ecotours;

  1. Kruger National Park
  2. Queen Elizabeth National Park
  3. Serengeti National Park
  4. Okavango Delta
  5. Etosha National Park
  6. Chobe National Park
  7. Masai Mara National Reserve
  8. Gorongosa National Park
  9. Nyungwe National Park
  10. Mana Pools National Park

Some of the Useful Reading Concerning African Birding

Birds of Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia Etc.

Birds of East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi

Birds of Africa: South of the Sahara

Birds of the Horn of Africa: Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, and Socotra

The organizations include the African Bird Club, the Albertine Rift Conservation Society, the Bush meat project, Conservation Volunteers from Africa, etc.

What Is the Best Time for Africa Birding Safari Tours?

Birding ecotours are good all year round though the ideal time would be during the months of late May to September when the rains are less. When on birding ecotours in Eastern Africa, migrant avifauna from southern Africa are present from November to April.

South Africa birding tours are best in the dry months as this beautiful country has special birds along the coasts like around Cape Town. Birding ecotours in South Africa are combined with wildlife trips to give you amazing game viewing.

Which Country in Africa Has the Best Birding?

Botswana and Zambia in Southern Africa are both rich in bird numbers while South Africa has the highest number of endemic and near endemic bird species on the continent especially in Kruger National Park and other reserves near the cape. These countries offer the best birding ecotours and have specialist local guides.

In East Africa, Kenya and the Pearl of Africa offer amazing birding ecotours.

Which Month Is Best for Birding in South Africa?

Birding ecotours in South Africa are good all year round with each season bringing something new. From the city life of Cape Town and Johannesburg to the wildlife filled expanses of wilderness, the best time to visit will depend on where you want to go and what experiences you want to have.

November to February is rainy though it is the best time for a birding tour and visiting the Cape.

What Is Absolute Birding South Africa?

Absolute birding in South Africa gives the best birding ecotours and trips in Southern Africa. South Africa is one of the best countries in Southern Africa for birding ecotours in Africa as it is home to over 971 species having endemic and near endemic bird species within Kruger National Park and other areas.

South Africa’s parks have all the amazing avifauna you can observe on the adventure especially Kruger National Park and at the cape.

What Countries are best for Bird Watching?

The best countries for birding ecotours are within Southern Africa and East Africa as they have near endemic bird species to spot. These countries include; Kenya, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, the Pearl of Africa, and Botswana.

Which Continent is best known for Bird Watching?

The African continent is the best for birding ecotours in the world as the continent has many near endemic bird species you can observe in their natural habitat.

You can explore Africa with your birding friends under the guidance of local guides for the best birding tour and visit some of the local communities. South Africa’s avifauna offers the best adventure, especially at the cape.

What is the best Southern African Bird Guide?

The best Southern African bird guide is Southern African Birdfinder by Callan Cohen, Claire Spottiswoode & Jonathan Rossouw and the other is The Birder’s Guide to Africa by Michael Mills & Tasso Leventis.

These guides give you a detail of the species in southern Africa on a birding tour in countries like South Africa especially in Kruger National Park, Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. You can as well check out the African bird club organization as it has useful details concerning South Africa’s birding trip reports from the Cape.

Where Can I Go Birding in Jamaica?

Birding ecotours in Jamaica are amazing in Black River Morass, Blue Mountains, Castleton Botanical Gardens, Cockpit Country, Hope Botanical Gardens, John Crow Mountains, Marshall’s Pen, Mockingbird Hotel Gardens, Royal Palm Reserve, and San San.

Why Should I Choose an African Birding Safari?

The birding safari will focus on special birds, not the Big Five and other mammals. There are lots of great birds of amazing colors and sizes to see on nature tours. Since you can see larger species on an ordinary safari, you will double or even triple your sightings on the trip list on a birding tour.

A real bird-watching tour will maximize the area’s potential in many ways and you will use skilled birding guides, who focus on areas that have species. You can be out early morning and late afternoon when birding tends to peak and wildlife tours.

Do I Need to Be a Birder to Do a Birding Safari?

No, but it is always better to book a bird-watching tour if you have a strong interest in avifauna. This means that you need to be an aspiring birder and carry birding equipment with you always like a pair of binoculars.

When in the field, you are accompanied by a skilled bird expert who will identify all the local species. No real expertise is required from participants from Africa birding expeditions as you can learn from the field which is fun.

Can My Non-birding Partner Join Me?

Well, if your partner has no interest in avifauna then it will frustrate him or her on a birding safari. This comes in if the safari focuses on spots that also offer outstanding game viewing. Birders will focus on finding new birds to tick on their list driving past wildlife sightings like Lions, Elephant herds, and Leopards on a hunt.

So, be mindful and find a partner who is willing to start learning about avifauna on nature tours.

Will There Be an Expert Birding Guide?

Yes, there will be an expert guide on an Africa birding safari. The better ones to use are the local guides as they work at one Specific Park or destination. They know all the avifauna there as they can identify difficult species at a glance. Ideally, they know where to locate eagerly sought local specialties.

Is A Birding Trip More Expensive Than a General Safari?

Yes, these trips are more expensive as most nature tours require an expert birding guide. The tour operator needs to pay for the guide’s services and cover his travel expenses.

Also, most of the bird-watching itineraries take you to remote areas to seek unusual localized species. Most of these areas are not visited by non-specialist tourists during tours.

To save on trips, many birders stay at more basic accommodation lodges since their number one goal is seeing special birds and not staying at luxurious resorts. The more basic accommodation has limited facilities and a natural tranquil environment, and you need to use reputable tour companies for better pricing.

What Should I Consider When Choosing an African Birding Safari?

First, you need to join a safari that is run by reputable birding tour companies though this can be costly. However, budget-conscious birders could consider other options like booking a standard non-birding package and asking for local guides with a good knowledge of avifauna.

Always carry a good pair of binoculars that will help you with your sightings and also read about the special birds associated with parks and other areas you will be visiting.

African birding tours are rewarding with rare species within their beautiful natural habitat and the list consists of excess species. Our birding trips take you to the best birding destinations on the African continent with well-researched itineraries to suit every birder coming to visit one of the destinations.

The must-visit birding destination in Africa is South Africa, especially in Kruger National Park, Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana, Zimbabwe, the Pearl of Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, and many more.

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