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Katavi National Park- The Underrated but Spectacular Tanzania Safari Park- Africa Safari News

>>>>, Uncategorized>>Katavi National Park- The Underrated but Spectacular Tanzania Safari Park- Africa Safari News

Katavi National Park- The Underrated but Spectacular Tanzania Safari Park- Africa Safari News

Katavi National Park- The Underrated but Spectacular Tanzania Safari Park

Are you looking for a spectacular Tanzania safari? Here is a Tanzania wildlife safari option to Katavi National Park that is just everything you’ve been looking for in a Tanzania wildlife safari to remember. This Tanzania wildlife tour to Katavi Park takes us to Tanzania which is located in the eastern region of the African continent along geographical co-ordinates of 06o50’S 31o15’E.  Katavi National Park is found in the western side of Tanzania and it is bordered by Luafi game reserve and in the north lies lake Katavi

On exploring Katavi National Park, you will discover, Katavi is a dry tropical savanna that is composed of extensive drylands that are perfectly fit for a truly remarkable Africa wildlife safari experience.  This Africa savanna pride land is quite expansive as it covers about 4471sqkm or 1726sqmi and is drained by rivers like ikuu, Katuma, then also seasonal lake Katavi in the north and lake Chada flood plains in the south.

An Africa wildlife safaris to Katavi is one of the best Africa safari adventures you will ever make in Tanzania because of Katavi’s dramatic scenery which is as varied as it is pristine. Enjoy thrilling sceneries of flood plains of thick reeds and dense waterways that are home to a huge population of hippo and varied birdlife. In the woodlands to the west, forest canopies shroud herds of buffaloes and elephants since this park boasts of a healthy population of the land giants as well as the stubborn cape buffaloes which is estimated to be at around 3000 individuals for the elephants and large herds of buffaloes which can number to as many as 1000 buffaloes or even more. If you thought this was all this park has to offer to you then am sorry to disappoint you because Katavi is one of the few places in wild Africa savanna where you get to see both the roan and sable antelope in the same place that are found in the Katisunga plains.  Other animals grazing here are zebra, hartebeest, eland, giraffe and defassa waterbuck. Katavi is also one of the last parks that boasts massive herds of buffalo some herds easily reaching a thousand animals or more. Are you looking for a magical encounter with the African king of the jungle the lions? Well, you will be making a right choice if you decide to make an Africa safari tour to Katavi because large pride of lions have made Katavi their home, when you venture out on the African savanna plains of Katavi a sight of these magnificent beasts will definitely make it all worthwhile. Predators such as cheetahs, hyenas, jackals and servals and Leopards also call Katavi home.

This Tanzania wildlife safari to Katavi bears so much resemblance to a Uganda wildlife safari to Kidepo Valley National Park because of the underlying similarities between these 2 parks however, a Uganda wildlife safari to Kidepo valley  National Park gives you more thrilling encounters with wildlife because its home to 4 out 5 of the big africa game which include lions, leopards, cape buffaloes, African bush elephants with the rhinos being the only ones missing, Kidepo valley park has ranked the 14th best African best safari park for a classic wildlife adventure by Safari Bookings a famous international online safari company which Prime Safaris is proud to be in partnership with given its spectacular sceneries and diverse wildlife

For a birder, an Africa safari comes with the possibility of sigt several of the 400 bird species that exist here such as include yellow-throated sandgrouse, little bee-eater, black Cuckoo-shrike, bateleur, African spoonbill, African paradise flycatcher, crested barbet, orange-breasted bush shrike, red-billed hornbill and still you can

If you have ever make a Uganda birding safari to Queen Elizabeth you will bear witness to the fact this a birding experience in Tanzania’s Katavi national park is similar to a Uganda bird watching safari in Queen Elizabeth although Queen Elizabeth will give you a better birding experience since it is home to 600 bird species which include like Chapin flycatchers, like African finfoot, African hobby, shoebill stork, black bee-eater, papyrus gonolek, Caspian plover, great blue turaco, common sand martin, great white pelican, pink backed pelican, red chested sunbird. What you should never miss on a Uganda safari tour to Queen Elizabeth is a boat cruise on the famous Kazinga channel which gives you sweeping views of the great plains of Mweya peninsular which are filled with a great multitude of wild mammals such as 4 of out 5 of the African big five game and countless bird species.

Finally what will separate a Tanzania safari tour to Katavi National park from a Uganda tour to Queen Elizabeth is the possibility of a safari in Uganda to Queen Elizabeth to be easily tailored with a Uganda gorilla tour since Uganda is home to these remarkable gentle giants and many Africa Wildlife Safari goers who visit Uganda usually ensure to make a short gorilla safaris Uganda as they visit either Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. A gorilla safari Uganda to any of these puts you in the right place to have a fascinating encounter with any of the 19 gorilla families are found here.

If you’ve zeroed on Katavi National Park as you’re next destination for an African safari experience, then you need to understand that Katavi National Park is generally a hot place throughout the year which experiences one wet season and one long dry season. The wet season comes around from November- late April or early may, during this season, Katavi experiences temperatures rise to a minimum of about 210C or 70oF at night and during the day the humidity gets high and temperatures reach 32oC or 90oF and rain comes usually in the afternoon and at night. The dry season comes around from mid May or late May and it lasts until October, during this time, the chances of rain are slim almost to none with temperatures being at a minimum of 17oC or 63oF to a maximum 31oC or 88oF

If you’re looking for a local tour operator who can help you turn your dream of having a magical Tanzania safari experience, think of Prime safaris & Tours ltd, a local tour operator company which has been tried and tested by both time and numerous clients from all walks of life to organize some of the best Africa wildlife safaris and Africa gorilla safaris in any of the east Africa destinations of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and eastern Congo which home to the mountain gorillas.


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