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Explore the cradle land of Africa with an Africa safari to East Africa

>>>>>>Explore the cradle land of Africa with an Africa safari to East Africa

Explore the cradle land of Africa with an Africa safari to East Africa

Explore the cradle land of Africa with an Africa safari to Tanzania

5 Days Camping Safari Kruger Park South AfricaHave you had tales about Africa and its epic wilderness? Its time you visited the land of natural wonders to have your own tale of the African experience with an African wildlife safari to the savanna plains of east Africa.

On this Africa wildlife safaris, we will journey to the some of the ultimate Africa safari destinations that always tell their own stories in an extraordinary way with less words but epic sceneries and wildlife encounters that won’t say a word but won’t fail to tell you their stories in a way you have never imagined before.  We kick off our Africa trip with a stopover to Serengeti National Park. Serengeti national park is Tanzania’s epitome of wildlife safaris as its home to over 2 millions wild game. Dubbed the “Siringet” by the local Masai people which means “the land that runs forever”, indeed the natives were definitely not wrong as Serengeti is a lowland grass plain that spans over 14750sqkm or 5700sqmi making it Tanzania’s largest conservation area as well as east Africa’s biggest. While in Serengeti, you can stand at any one point, glance at all directions and see nothing distracting you view for as far as your eye sight can take you or until a point where the heavens meet the earth. A visit to Serengeti puts you in a prime position to see some of the magnificent wild game here which include Africa’s big 5’s i.e. lions- Serengeti has the biggest lion population in Africa which stands at 3000 individuals, leopards- there are about 1000 of these night stalkers roaming the Serengeti grasslands, rhinos, buffaloes and elephants which stand at a count close to 5000 of these land giants here. All these make up the big 5’s of the African wilderness. Other mammal species here include 250000 plain zebras, about 0.5 million Thomson’s and grant’s gazalles, topis, Masai giraffes, impalas, warthogs, common elands, lesser kudus, klipspringer, roan antelope.

Any birder should expect nothing but pure joy as Serengeti is home to over 500 bird species like Masai ostrich, secretary birds, kori bustards, southern ground hornbill, crowned cranes, yellow billed stork, lesser flamingo, martial eagles and many vulture species, marabou stocks, lovebirds. A visit to serengeti isn’t done yet without a cultural encounter with the native massai men who will thrill with their traditional jumping and foot stumping dance.

12 Days Camping Safari BotswanaStill in Serengeti National Park, if the timing of your Africa wildlife safaris adventure is right happening around the months of July and August, you will be in for a startling encounter with hundreds of wildebeests face their toughest challenge of the entire trek to Masai Mara as they attempt to cross the crocodile-infested mara river. This is a stunning moment for any safari-goer as these wildebeests stumble into the river one after another as if something is chasing after them.

Mountain Kilimanjaro National Park


Continue with your safari adventure with a visit to the roof of Africa which is none other than mt. Kilimanjaro. Rising up to the heights of 5896m above sea level, this is the highest mountain in Africa. A visit to mountain Kilimanjaro national park  isn’t only a darling adventure for mountain hikers to but its also adored by wildlife safari enthusiasts as its home to numerous wildlife attractions such as  the African bush elephants, cape buffaloes, bushbucks, bush duikers, bush babies, leopards, primates like the black and white colobus, blue monkeys, and various plant species. All these can be seen roaming the savanna plains of mountain Kilimanjaro national park with a scenic view of the snow-covered mountain Kilimanjaro giving you.

Venture on to your next destination Uganda and experience a memorable Africa gorilla safari experience as you get to visit the most beautiful place on the planet for 2019 as voted by CNN, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Proceed to Rwanda and do an Africa gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda with a visit to the magnificent old world mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. Accompany your Rwanda gorilla trekking safari experience with a visit to Akagera National Park.



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