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Mahango National Game Reserve

Mahango National Park Namibia, Namibia safari Tour, Mahango Safari in Namibia, Also known as Mahango Game Reserve, the Mahango Game Reserve is positioned within Bwabwata National Park in the destination Namibia.

The Game Park is positioned to the east of Namibia at the border with the destination Botswana in the Okavango delta flood plains.

The Caprivi Strip marks the western border of the park. Mahango Game Park was gazetted in the year1986 covering a geographical spread of 24,462 ha with abundant biodiversity including 300 bird species that have earned a recognition as an Important Bird Area with 2/3 of Namibia’s bird species of which some are terrestrial while others are wetland dwelling species.

Mahango Game Park stretches on an elevation of 500 – 1,000m and it is known for two (2) climatic conditions with the dry season happening from April – November and the rainy Season from Mid November to April.

The rainfall amounts vary from 550mm to 600mm while average temperature per month is 30°C. Find out attractions to see in Mahango National Park on a Namibia safari, activities during a Mahango Safari in Namibia, where to stay and why Mahango National Park is a unique Namibia safari park.

Mahango Game Reserve

Namibia Safari Attractions in Mahango National Game Reserve

Fauna as a Namibia Safari Attraction in Mahango National Game Reserve

Mahango National Park features a rich diverse of mammal species with a count of up to 99 species. Among these species include; lions, elephants, cheetahs along with Hippos.

The park features threatened species like Loxondata Africana listed as Vulnerable, Lycaion Pictus pictus listed as Endangered, Maculicollis and Kobus leche listed as Vulnerable thriving in the aquatic environments.

The kobus leche and the Loxondanta Africana tend to migrate to the neighbouring countries. Mahango National Park also features 71 aqua faunal species along with 5 amphibian species.

Flora as a Namibia Safari Attraction in Mahango Game Park

The Vegetation in Mahango Game Park features 38% shrub land while the grassland composes the 62%. The Riparian forests, dry woodlands, reed beds, open flooded grasslands and swamps present a beautiful floral landscape that is worth exploring.

The Mahango Game Park features 869 plant species from 88 families including the riparian woodland species like Garcinia, Diospyros, Sclerocarya, Grewia and Acacia; desert species like Ricinodendron, Pterocarpus, Baikiaea, Ziziphus and Baphia shrubs; flood plain species like Phoenix and Boabab which are dominant.

Birds as a Namibia Safari Attraction in Mahango Game Park

Mahango National Park features over 300 species including wetland species like Egretta Vinaceigula, Ardeola rufiventris, Bugeranus carunculatus, Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis, Vanellus albiceps, palecanus refescens, microparra capensis, and Circus pygargus among others. The riparian vegetation including Gorsachius leuconotus and Scotopelia peli alos exist in the park.

Namibia Safari Activities in Mahango National Game Reserve

Boat Cruise as a Namibia Safari Activity in Mahango National Game Reserve

The boat ride enables one to explore the wonders of Okavango River. The big or small boat downstream offers possible sights of Crocodiles, the Hippos and a range of bird life. The overlooking Popa falls present impressive sightseeing experience.

Buffalo Park tour as a Namibia Safari Activity in Mahango Game Park

This presents possible encounters with Buffalos, Elephants, Hippos, Roan Antelope and a range of 400 bird species thriving in West Caprivi.

The game drive in the Buffalo Park can be done in self drive or on a guided drive to take advantage of the guide’s expertise.

Namibia Safari Activities

Fishing as a Namibia Safari Activity in Mahango Game Park

This is conducted in the Okavango River and lasts a couple of hours with possibilities of exploring fish species like Tilapia, Cat fish and Tiger fish among others.

Game drive as a Namibia Safari Activity in Mahango Game Park

Mahango Game Park though smaller that the Etosha National Park feature good counts of wild game that are worth exploring on a game drive experience.

The species that might be explored include; elephants, Lions, Buffalo, Leopard among others. Self drive and guided game drives can be arranged in the park.

Accommodation in Mahango National Game Reserve

Divava Okavango Lodge

The Divava Okavango Resort & Spa is positioned on the Okavango River banks in Bagani Area presenting accommodation in 20 luxury rooms equipped with;

  • Air Conditioning
  • Enough Space
  • Large decks overlooking the famous Okavango River
  • Mosquito Nets
  • Mini bar
  • Tea / Coffee making facilities
  • En suite bathroom with separate shower, bath tub and outside shower

Hakusembe River Lodge

  • The Hakusembe River Lodge positioned on the banks of Hakusembe River at 16km from Rundu in the region of Okavango. Accommodation is presented in 20 chalets configured as 2 triple rooms and 18 twin rooms equipped with;
  • En-suite bathrooms, showers
  • Air Conditioning / Heating
  • Safe
  • Tea / Coffee Facilities
  • Veranda

Facilities at Hakusembe River Lodge

  • 20 Chalets (2 Triple & 18 Twin Rooms)
  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Swimming Pool
  • 24-hour Security
  • Free Wi-Fi at the Reception Area
  • Secure Parking
  • Mobile Connectivity

Kavango River Lodge

The Kavango River Lodge presents accommodation in a count of 18 rooms configured as 8 luxury rooms and then ten (10) Self catering rooms.

The lodge enjoys the impressive views of River Okavango and the southern Angola flood plains and the chalets are equipped with the following;

  • En suite washrooms
  • Air conditioning
  • TV-channels
  • Hot plates
  • Refrigerators
  • Kettles
  • Crockery
  • Telephones
  • Mosquito proof screens

Popa Falls Rest Camp

Popa Falls Rest Camp stands as a serene small lodge positioned in the indigenous woodlands close to the famous Popa Falls.

The accommodation is presented in thatched bungalows featuring twin beds along with Mosquito nets and fan.
Room Facilities at Popa Falls Rest Camp

  • En suite rooms
  • Air conditioning
  • Mosquito nets

Popa Falls Rest Camp Facilities

  • Swimming pool
  • Restaurant
  • Non smoking rooms
  • Laundry

Ngepi Camp

Ngepi Camp is positioned in the West Caprivi strip in the region of Kavango Namibia. The camp is located on an Island and accommodation is presented in tree houses, bush huts and the Camp site.

The tree houses stand on the river bank and feature en suite facilities while the family huts are serenely located with extensive private gardens.

The Campsites feature shared ablutions and 220v power supply.