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7 Days Wildlife Safari in Botswana – Kalahari, Okavango, Chobe

7 Days Wildlife Safari in Botswana – Kalahari, Okavango, Chobe – Overview

The 7 Days Wildlife Safari in Botswana in Kalahari desert, Okavango National Park, Chobe National Park. Enjoy this Botswana Wildlife Safari for a true Africa safari memory.

Thiis 7 Days Botswana Safari features three of the main destinations of Botswana namely; the Central Kalahari Game Reserve – the largest in Botswana and the second largest in the world, Okavango Delta and the Chobe National Park – the third largest in Botswana.

The 7 Days Fly-In Safari is based on a flying arrangement allowing you to cover the long journeys in short intervals and centers on wild game viewing including the Big five with the famous black-maned Kalahari lion, magical sightseeing in Kalahari desert, Okavango Delta and along Chobe River, cultural exploration with the Bushmen in their ancestral lands of Central Kalahari not forgetting recreational water encounters in Okavango Delta and Chobe River.

7 Days Wildlife Safari in Botswana – Kalahari, Okavango, Chobe – Highlights

  • Day 1 & 2: Transfer to Central Kalahari & explore the extensive desert landscape, wild game & the San Bushmen
  • Day 3 & 4: Transfer to Okavango Delta & explore the Delta
  • Day 5 & 6: Transfer to Chobe National Park, do boat cruise on River Chobe & extensive game viewing in Chobe National Park
  • Day 7: Transfer to Kasane for a flight back home

7 Days Botswana Fly-In Safari to Kalahari Okavango and Chobe – Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 & 2 : Transfer to Central Kalahari & Explore The Extensive Desert Landscape, Wild Game & The San Bushmen

After breakfast, connect with the flight from Maun International Airport to Deception Valley Airstrip where you will be welcomed by your driver guide to embark on the exploration of Kalahari Game Reserve.

The encounter on the Central Kalahari Game Reserve which also noted to be the second largest game reserve globally covering 1/11 of the Botswana’s land area is a magical wilderness adventure worth your two day visit.

The Deception Valley is well known for maintaining lush vegetation that in turn attract counts of grazers to feed on them and the counts of predators that prey on them.

You have the possibilities of viewing the South African Giraffe, Brown Hyena, wart hog, the South African Cheetah, the Cape Wild dog, Transvaal lion, the Blue Wildebeest, the African leopard, the Gemsbok, Eland, the kudu and    the red Hartebeest not forgetting the black-maned lions of the Kalahari.

Besides the game viewing, the second day is marked with a visit to the San Bushmen – the ancestral land owners of the Kalahari land. They lived a nomadic hunting culture and their remarkable traditions are worth exploring.

Upmarket / Luxury: Deception Valley Lodge
Midrange / Standard:  Kalahari Plains Camp
Budget / Basic:   Grassland Bushman Lodge

Day 3 & 4 : Transfer to Okavango Delta & Explore The Delta

After breakfast, connect by flight from Deception Valley to Mapula Airstrip from which you will connect with a driver guide to transfer by land to Okavango Delta about 30 minutes drive.

The Okavango Delta is noted to be one of the magical natural wonders to the south of Africa considering the amount of water that it receives from the Okavango River flowing from Angola (1.1 × 10¹³ litres)  but only to be lost through evaporation, transpiration and percolation.

The Delta presents ideal water point and lush green grazing and browsing vegetation at a time when the hinterland is dry thus attracting counts of wild game along with their predators to the area.

The 2 Days encounter in the Okavango delta feature a canoe ride on the first day exploring the impressive delta landscape under the guidance of an expert indigenous guide detailing the history of the delta formation, the bird species, flora and fauna including the hippos and Nile Crocodiles that thrive in it.

The extensive game drive on the second day presents possible sights of Elephant, African Buffalo, Lechwe, Blue Wildebeest, Topi, Giraffe, Lion, Cheetah, Leopard, Brown Hyena, Greater Kudu, Spotted Hyena, Sable Antelope, White Rhinoceros, Black Rhinoceros, Plains Zebra, Chacma Baboon and Warthog along with the  African wild dog.


Upmarket / Luxury Eagle Island Lodge

Midrange / Standard: Camp Okavango

Budget / Basic:   Xugana Island Lodge

Day 5 & 6: Transfer to Chobe National Park, Do Boat Cruise on River Chobe & Extensive Game Viewing in Chobe National Park

After breakfast, connect from Mapula Airstrip with a flight to Kasane International Airport from where you connect with a driver guide to transfer to Chobe National Park.

Upon arrival in Chobe – Botswana’s third largest park, you undertake a thrilling boat trip along the Chobe River gaining chances of viewing wild game drinking on the river side including herds of Buffaloes, elephants and Antelopes.

The Chobe River also has two Islands that contain sweet grass and it’s always mesmerizing to view elephants crossing the river to graze on it.

The entire Chobe landscape is available for your exploration on the second day including the dry Savannah hinterland and the marshes of Savuti exploring the famous Savuti Channel known for its periodical appearance and disappearance.

The possible views of Kudus, Warthog, Impala, Wildebeest, Zebras, elephants leopards, lions, wild dogs, sable antelopes, roan antelopes, elephant herds and hippos among others may be explored.

The range of bird species that may be viewed include; Fish eagle, the rollers, Martial Eagle and the stork family species

Upmarket / Luxury: Chobe Game Lodge
Midrange / Luxury: Chobe Under Canvas
Budget / Basic: Elephant Valley Lodge

Day 7: Transfer to Kasane For a Flight Back Home

Following breakfast, you transfer back to Kasane International Airport to catch up with the flight back home

End of This 7 Days Wildlife Safari in Botswana