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10 Days Botswana Safari Tour & Victoria Falls

10 Days Botswana Safari Tour & Victoria Falls – Overview

10 Days Botswana Safari is a popular Safari in Botswana/Botswana tour taking you to the best Botswana wildlife safari parks including Victoria Falls.

The 10 Days Wildlife Safari in Botswana & Victoria Falls is one of the extensive safari packages to Botswana presenting an ideal encounter with nature.

The Botswana tour takes you to Okavango Delta, Moremi Wildlife Reserve, the Savuti Marsh and Chobe Area in Chobe National Park and Victoria Falls – the smoke that thunders in neighbouring Zimbabwe.

The activities include; extensive game drives, canoe paddling, sightseeing and boat trips.

10 Days Botswana Safari Tour & Victoria Falls – Highlights

  • Day 1: Transfer to Okavango Delta and do the Mokoro ride in the delta
  • Day 2: Whole day wild game exploration in the Delta Area
  • Day 3 & 4: Transfer to Khwai Concession & explore the Moremi Wildlife reserve in detail
  • Day 5 & 6: Transfer to Chobe National Park & explore the Savuti Area
  • Day 7 & 8: Transfer to Chobe River Area, do the Chobe River cruise & extensive wild game viewing
  • Day 9: Visit the famous Victoria Falls in the neighbouring Zimbabwe
  • Day 10: Departure

10 Days Botswana Safari Tour & Victoria Falls

10 Days Wildlife Safari in Botswana & Victoria Falls – Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Transfer to Okavango Delta And Do The Mokoro Ride in The Delta

Following breakfast at your place of stay in Maun, you embark on the drive from Maun to Okavango Delta 65km about 1 hour drive.

You are welcomed by the 15,000km2 Okavango Delta one of the magical wonders of the world with clear waters that do not end up in an Ocean or Sea but lost through Evaporation, transpiration and percolation with very little flowing to Lake Ngami.

The delta features impressive vegetation including the wild date palm, the floating water lilies on lagoons and extensive papyrus along with being a habitat to 400 species of birds.

The thrilling motor boat or a local mokoro canoe cruise exploring the delta environment is quite rewarding.

The expert indigenous guide presents an authentic interpretation of the area, the lush floral species, bird species, the fauna including the water-dwelling Hippos and Crocodiles not forgetting the grazers that draw to drink on the delta waters. Retire for overnight


Upmarket / Luxury Eagle Island Lodge

Midrange / Standard: Camp Okavango

Budget / Basic:   Xugana Island Lodge

Day 2: Whole-day Wild Game Exploration in The Delta Area

After breakfast at your lodge, you embark on the game drive to explore the extensive wildlife of Okavango Delta.

This encounter is best done in the dry season when the wild game draw from the hinterland to  feed on the lush green and drink water available in the Okavango Delta.

The whole game viewing experience allows one to gain possibilities of exploring a range of game including; Black and white Rhinos, the Buffaloes, Chobe bushbuck, lechwe, African Bush Elephant, Sitatunga, Tsessebe, Blue Wildebeest, Lion, Giraffe, Cheetah, Hyena, Leopard, Sable Antelope, Greater Kudu, Plains Zebra, Chacma Baboon, Warthog, mongoose, spotted genets, bush babies, monkeys, wild dog among other species.

The sights of birds also add on the experience and these include among others African Fish Eagle, Crested Crane, Pel’s Fishing Owl, Lilac-breasted Roller, Ostrich, Sacred Ibis and Hammerkop.  Retire for relaxation, dinner and overnight


Upmarket / Luxury Eagle Island Lodge

Midrange / Standard: Camp Okavango

Budget / Basic:   Xugana Island Lodge

Day 3 & 4: Transfer to Khwai Concession & Explore The Moremi Wildlife Reserve in Detail

After breakfast, connect with a light Aircraft to Khwai Concession to the Moremi’s Wildlife Reserve’s north gate region.

Moremi Game Reserve – the only official protected area in the Okavango Delta and a community initiated one.

The Khwai Concession features impressive forest cover, flood plains, Islands and lagoons  which give way to the savannah stretches of Moremi Reserve where a range of wild game including African buffalo, the Angolan Giraffe, the African Leopard, the Southwest African lion, the South African Cheetah, Jackal, the Hyena, the Impala, Cape wild dog and the Red Lechwe may be explored.

The two days in the area offer you a remarkable opportunity to explore it in detail including the beautiful bird sights like Winding Cisticola, the African fish eagle, the hammerkop, the Sacred Ibis, the Crested crane, the Long-tailed Cormorants, the Pel’s fishing owl, the Lilac-breasted roller, Squacco Heron, Saddle-billed Stork, Ostrich, endangered Wattled Cranes, Malachite Kingfisher, African Pygmy-Goose, Red-billed Duck among others.

Upmarket / Luxury: Khwai River Lodge
Midrange / Standard: Chief’s Camp
Budget / Basic: Xigera Camp

Day 5 & 6: Transfer to Chobe National Park & Explore The Savuti Area

Following breakfast, you embark on the drive to Chobe National Park Savui region. The 5 – 6 hours drive takes you through impressive landscapes with amazing scenery and wildlife.

Chobe National Park stands as the third largest in Botswana featuring extensive diverse habitats that are worth exploring.

Among these is the famous Savuti Marsh that stretches to 10,878 km2 featuring the famous Savuti Channel flows periodically with the recent one being in 2008 after it had stopped flowing from 1982.

The water reached the marsh in 2010. The area is a good destination for birding in the rainy seasons and a range of wild game that come to graze in the valley especially in the dry season including Warthog, Kudus, Impala, Zebras Wildebeest along with elephants.

The Migration of the Zebras and predators make Savuti more attractive and worth your 2 days visit.

Upmarket / Luxury: Savuti Camp
Midrange / Standard: Savuti Safari Lodge
Budget / Basic:  Camp Savuti

Day 6 & 7: Transfer to Chobe River Area, Do The Chobe River Cruise & Extensive Wild Game Viewing

You embark on the drive after breakfast at the lodge to northern Chobe Area for other 2 days adventure in the Africa’s elephant land.

Believed to be containing the largest elephant population in Africa, Chobe National Park presents ideal elephant herd viewing both on land and along River Chobe as they draw near to drink and cross to the Islands.

You do the boat cruise on River Chobe with possible sights of elephants, the Buffalo herds, Hippopotamus and the Nile crocodiles not forgetting verdant bird life.

The extensive wild game viewing in the second day present magical scenery and myriad of wild game including Zebras, the Leopard, Lions, Giraffe, Roan antelope, Kudu, Impala, Sable, Baboons, warthog, elephants among others

Upmarket / Luxury: Chobe Game Lodge
Midrange / Luxury: Chobe Under Canvas
Budget / Basic: Elephant Valley Lodge

Day 9: Visit The Famous Victoria Falls in The Neighboring Zimbabwe

You transfer from Chobe by surface to Victoria Falls in the neighboring Zimbabwe to explore the world’s fascinating waterfalls.

The tour to Victoria Falls is a magical one and very fascinating as you able to view the 17,00m wide and 100m tall natural wonder commonly known as the Smoke that thunders!

The place features serene surroundings with wildlife including birds enjoying to the maximum.

Accommodation: Elephant Camp

Day 10: Departure

Following breakfast, connect to Victoria Falls International Airport to catch up with the flight back home.

End of The 10 Days Botswana Safari Tour & Victoria Falls.