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African Fishing Safaris, Africa Fishing Safaris, Africa Fishing Safari

African fishing safaris are a thrill and one of the best African experiences, for the fact that the African continent harbors more aquatic than land animals. This is thus among the most sought-after activities in the deep seas that surround the continent, although they occur in areas off the beaten track.

Deep sea fishing trips to the seas and waterbodies like rivers in and around the continent are possible in different countries for both professional anglers and beginners of the sport, especially fly fishing.

Plan your Africa fishing safari to prestigious destinations that will grant you spectacular experiences to view different species like the Sailfish which is the fastest billfish, being faster than the world’s fastest animals for example the Cheetahs.

The second fastest in position is the Swordfish while others include the Seafish, Mahi Mahi, King Mackerel, Marlin, Tiger Fish, Nile Perch, and many others.

Due to the need for the safety of the tourists, many of the aquatic species are kept within restricted regions while the safe ones like the Billfish are released to swim in the turquoise African waters.

Book your African fishing safari package today to enjoy the thrill of this amazing experience while your stay in the most comfortable accommodations for great memories.

Deep Sea Fishing Safari

Africa fishing safaris

These are experiences that occur away from the seashore into the waters, about 100 feet.

The Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean are the best African fishing destinations that every angler will enjoy visiting during their trip.

The different types to catch in the sea include the Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, and King Mackerel, among others.

Shore Angling Safari

These are experiences that occur at the shore stretches on the coast or the beautiful beach destinations, normally in areas off the beaten track. Fly fishing is mostly used in these destinations.

Which African Countries are Known for Fishing? | Where Do People Fish in Africa?

In Africa, most of the great deep sea fishing excursions occur in the countries on the coast near the Indian Atlantic Oceans. Below are some of these African countries where you can enjoy delightful experiences on your angling trip.


This is among the top destinations for your African fishing trips. Kenya hosts the ILTTA World Championships and other competitions in Malindi Lamu, Watamu, Kilifi, and Mombasa.

The seas in Kenya are famous for catching Billfish but deep-sea fishing will also allow you to catch other types like the Barracuda, Yellowfin Tuna, Giant Trevally, Kingfish, and Dorado.

By taking a helicopter family trip about 12,000 feet to the lakes on Mount Kenya, you will experience getting a good catch at a lake.


Tanzania is also a coastal country in the Indian Ocean offering spectacular angling excursions at the shore and beach destinations like Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam, Pemba, and Mafia.

Enjoy Tiger fishing and a catch of different species both at sea and beach destinations, for example, the Tiger Sharks, Shortbill Spearfish, Almaco Jacks, Ruby Snappers, Dog-Tooth Tuna, Bonitos, and many others.

Other types that you can catch on your solo or family trip to the coast of East Africa include the Blue, Black, and Stripped Marlins.


Mozambique, which lies between Tanzania and South Africa is also a rich fishing destination where anglers will enjoy fishing for the Giant Black Marlin around the Benguerra Islands and the Bazaruto Archipelago.

A journey to other fly fishing destinations in the country for example Quirimbas Archipelago found near Mozambique’s Pemba will allow you to fish for other unique species like Queenfish, Sharks, Queen Mackerel, Rays, Big Wahoo, Skates, Dorado, and many others that will offer you amazing experiences.

South Africa:

African Fishing Safaris


The coastal part of South Africa sits at a point where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Indian Ocean thus supporting a rich marine life and one of the best places to go for a trip.

At Cape Point, you will find various fish types to explore in these vibrant waters for example the Skipjack Tuna, Marlin, Bluefin Tuna, Wahoo, and the Sharks, among others.

Some species even come closer to the beach areas, thus allowing even beginners to enjoy fly fishing as they get a catch. Examples include the Cape Salmon, Cape Snoek, Bronze Whaler, Southern Yellowfin Tuna, Gully Sharks, Skates, Rays, Ragged Tooth Sharks, and the Cow Sharks among others.

South Africa is also a famous destination for capturing Tiger fish during Tiger fishing. This is a fast and strong specie with razor-sharp teeth and is only found in the African continent.

Tintswalo found in Lapalala, the Waterberg Region is a family friendly place and every angler’s paradise. You will be able to catch different types like Bass, Fly Fish, and the various shoal of Yellow Fish. Anglers will also enjoy the experience of the clear mountain waters of the Palala River and other rivers in the country.


Though not found on the coast, Uganda is the source of the River Nile which is the longest River in the world. Thus, the country offers great opportunities along the Nile River, other rivers, and Lake Victoria which harbors the source of the Nile.

Sport fishing is mostly done at Murchison Falls National Park where the Nile River crosses thus providing a place for fish to be caught by family, solo, or group excursions.


Botswana is also one of the most favorable places for memorable fishing opportunities, especially for a family excursion from September to October during your stay at the Okavango Delta.

Other countries that you can visit for your amazing fishing adventures include Zambia (at River Zambezi and other rivers), Zimbabwe, Seychelles, Ivory Coast, Namibia, Angola, etc.

Guide for African Fishing Safaris

Usually, professional local guides lead anglers through amazing an adventure in different destinations.

By using local guides, you get authentic knowledge about the species and also contribute to their well-being through the fee you pay for the safari activities.

Equipment Needed for African Fishing Safaris

African fishing Safari

Your equipment will contribute to your best memories and below is a list of the necessary equipment that you will need for your safari.

Tackle boxes: A tackle box keeps various necessary items, for example, the lures and swap swivels, and long nose pliers, among others.

Weights: Baits packed should favor both bait and deep-sea fishing depending on the experiences that you would like to have. This will keep the bait in the right depth, thus giving you a higher chance of a catch.

Live bait: This can be a bucket of worm or minnow containers used to attract the fish as they come to feed.

Stringers or ice boxes: You will use these to keep the fish that you have caught as they are still fresh.

Landing nets: It enables you to easily get the fish from the water to the shore or the boat.

Emergency kit: This kit has the basic needs for your adventures.

Rod: This allows you to be near and within reach as you hold it to keep the bait in balance during fly fishing when you cast it in the water. The rods ought to be powerful enough to hold the strong types for example the Nile Perch.

Plastic or cork bobber: This is necessary for anglers coming for live bait fishing. These smaller floats and split shorts are necessary for use with bait rods and smaller hooks.

Reel: This, tied to a rod is used to wind the fishing line and cast it in the waters. You can also use it to get the tethered arrow when for the excursion.

A multiplier reel is required for the live bait catching method and trolling.

Monofilament Line that is 4 to 12 pounds: This line is required for fishers going to destinations that are rocky or are having sharp objects that would damage their fishing line.

Hook: Both circle and straight hooks that are 6 to 10 in size will also be required. Kindly note that we do not recommend the silver hook.

Leader line: A leader line of about 100 pounds is recommended. However, travelers coming for deep sea excursions will require a wire leader line if they are fishing for fish types with teeth.

Balloons: These are important in a way that they help in float fishing in the big pools next to the waterfalls.

African Traditional Sport Fishing Methods

There are different methods that you can use for your excursions and depending on the destination you go to, you will be introduced to a specific method.

Below are some of the common methods to use on your fishing safari.

Trolling Method

This method is mostly used by anglers fishing in deep seas or on large African lakes and rivers.

The activity requires participants to be on a motorized boat and the perfect lures that will allow them to catch the fish in the deeper waters.

Casting Method

This is a method in which the baits or the lures are put in the areas where the fish are common and this enables anglers to easily catch them in the deeper waters.

Fishers using the casting method for fly fishing usually use a rod that has a grip of a pistol and a reel that you can mount to the top of the rod’s handle.

Live Bait Method

This is a method where a small live fish is used to catch the big ones.

Permits and Licenses Needed for African Fishing Safaris

Permits and licenses for this activity depend on the conditions set in the destinations you go to for your safari. Some permits purchased in different places are valid for 24 hours, others for a week while some destinations will require the tour company leading you to have a license.

Destinations in national parks or other protected areas will require you to pay park entrance and the fee for the activity.

Best Time to Visit Africa for Fishing Safaris | When to Go Fishing in Africa

For the best memories, the best time to come for this excursion in the continent is in the dry season when there is less rainfall. These are from December to February and from June to August.

This season has fewer winds to unsettle the boat and interrupt your adventure or cause any accidents related to bad weather.

How to Get to African Fishing Destinations

You can reach most African fishing destinations through air transport into the country and within the country. Alternatively, within the country, you will wait for your tour operator to pick you up for road transportation, driving you to your destination.

In the destinations, some places will require you to be transported by water transport that is by boat for better experiences and memories.

Accommodation for your Fishing Safaris

It is best if where you stay is near the fishing spots for better experiences and memories. Whether you book a budget, midrange, or luxury safari lodge, it ought to be comfortable, with at least the most important facilities.

It is also advisable to book a lodge that provides picnic lunches, cold drinks, and ice for your day adventures.

Where to Cast your Fishing Tools while For the Activity

A deeper area having weeds or rocks is the best option. An area where the bottom changes either from sand to gravel or mud is best as they attract more fish.

How to behave while on an African Fishing Safari

It is best to wait in silence and avoid disturbing the water as this will scare the fish away.

Bait the hook then cast it as far as you can from the shore and then keep watching the bobber. When the fish bites the hooked bait, it will be trapped and you will raise the edge of the bobber and then reel your catch.

How Long to Stay in African Fishing Areas

Visitors on a fishing safari can take about one week on their tours. Additionally, a one-week tour will give you enough time even as you travel through the different destinations.

Conservation Practice for Professional Anglers

Note to take care of the natural resources around you. Always remember to carry back any plastics and the fishing line which is dangerous to birds and other land animals.

In case you catch a size that you will not need to keep, release it back in the water.

Safety Precautions While Fishing

For the safety of the anglers, the following precautions are important while they enjoy the activity.

  • Handle the sharp hooks carefully so that they do not harm you.
  • Go for the adventure with a friend so that you can have help in case of any emergencies.
  • Always wear your life vest or jacket while on the boat or next to the water.
  • Make sure that other people on boats or land are at a safe distance before you cast in the waters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Africa Have Good Fishing?

Yes, this continent has good fishing safaris with great memories because the continent is surrounded by the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Red Sea.

Additionally, there are various water bodies on the continent like Lake Victoria River Nile and other rivers that offer professional fishing adventures.

Where is the Best Fish in Africa?

The best fishing destinations in the continent include Kenya, South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

What Fish Are in the Deep Seas in Africa?

The common types in the African deepest seas include the Marlin, Dorado, King Mackerel, Queen Mackerel, Wahoo, Bluefin Tuna, etc.

What are the Most Common Fish in Africa?

The most common fish in this continent include the Sardines, Horse Mackerel, Auxillary Seabream, Anchovies, Nile Perch, Tilapia, Marlin, Bluefin Tuna, Tiger Fish, and Bass.

What Time of Year Is Safari Africa Best?

African safaris are best in the dry season which is in the months of mid-December to January and June to August. The season comes with the best weather for transportation in the boat and comfort for enjoying the activities that will grant you lifetime memories.

Africa is an ultimate fishing destination as you will find this exhilarating activity done in the seas and water bodies like rivers and lakes in and around the continent. Anglers will find opportunities in both the deep-sea sport adventures and the shallow beaches at the coast where they will enjoy the thrill of capturing various fish species.

Inquire with us and book your safari today for an amazing experience with great memories!