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Kilimanjaro National Park


With three extinct volcanic cones on the most distinctive feature in the park which is Mt.Kilimanjaro, the national park lies in the Northeast of Tanzania along the border with Kenya near Moshi city and is about 300Km south of the equator. It’s the most popular and most visited National Park in Tanzania covering a total surface area of about 652Km². Historically, the area of the park was gazzeted in 1921 as a game reserve together with its adjacent forests by the German colonists. Mt.Kilimanjaro was however declared a national park in 1973 and was open for public access in 1977.

Lake Manyara National Park


Just about 126Km SoutHwest of Arusha city lies Lake Manyara National Park. Covering a total surface area of about 325 km², the national park lies both in the Manyara and Arusha administrative regions. The park is named after its dominant feature, Lake Manyara. Stretching at about 50Km along the 600m high rift valley escarpment , Lake Manyara National Park offers a wilderness experience in diverse habitats, from its Rift Valley soda lake (Manyara), to dense woodlands and steep mountainsides.

Ngorongo Conservation area


The conservation area lies about 180Km west of Arusha in the crater highlands of Tanzania. The conservation area derives its name from the Ngorongoro crater which is a large volcanic caldera in the area. Ngorongoro covers a total surface area of about 8,292Km and is divided into several regions that are covered with a breath taking ecosystem and spectacular biodiversity.

Serengeti National Park


It is one of the famous National parks in Tanzania situated in the Northern circuit. Serengeti National park covers a total surface area of about 5,700Km². It is the oldest and most popular National park in Tanzania due to its huge population of wildlife. he name Serengeti is derived from a Masaai word which means ‘endless plains’. The park is popularly known for its migration of about a million wildebeest and about 200 thousand Zebra’s from the northern to the southern sector during e short rains of October and November.

Tarangire National Park

wildlife-at- tarangire-np

Stretching at about 2,850Km, Tarangire is the 6th largest national park in Tanzania. It is bordered by Lake Manyara to the North West, Arusha and Kilimanjaro national parks to the North East.