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Agricultural Africa safari tours

>>Agricultural Africa safari tours
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Agricultural Africa Safaris tours, Agricultural Safari Encounters in Africa

Agricultural Africa Safaris tours, Agricultural Safari Encounters in Africa (Uganda, Kenya Rwanda, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and many others). Africa with its rich fertile soils has been a great haven for Agriculture! Traditionally, most of the Africans were agriculturalists with some like the Bantu communities involved in cultivation while the Hamites and the Nile Hamites were majorly into nomadic pastoralism.

The earliest explorers got a chance to experience the authentic touch of this distinct setting during their agricultural tours in Africa.  The groups were majorly interested in anthropological studies.

Gradually, the African society has changed overtime and due to continuous interactions caused by Migration and settlement, this distinction in the agricultural setting is no longer sharp and many people engage in both livestock rearing and cultivation as it can be viewed while on Agricultural Africa Safaris tours.

More organized settlement has resulted into establishing beautiful farms that are worth visiting. These include extensive cattle farms, plantations like Sugar cane, sun flower, coffee, cotton, tea estates among others that are spread in various African countries. These combine to make Agricultural tours in Africa worthwhile.

Unique traditional species like the Ankole long horned cattle are still kept in parts of Uganda (west and central) and always mesmerize the world travellers. Looking for an experiential agricultural tour where you immerse yourself in the day to day farm activities learning and having fun, Africa Safaris tours is available at your service!

Agricultural Africa Safaris tours

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