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African Cultural Safaris Tours

>>African Cultural Safaris Tours
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Africa Cultural Safaris Tours, Africa Safaris Tours

African Cultural Safaris Tours, Cultural Safari Encounters in Africa, Africa and culture are inseparable! The greatest continent where authentic cultural tours can be explored. Considering its role in human evolution history including the discovery of the skull of early man at Olduvai Gorge, Africa’s history and culture form a remarkable experience.
With limited access to globalization, the traditions of most of the African tribes have been kept less affected if not intact.   Travellers on Africa cultural tours have always found the San of Southern Africa, the Maasai of Kenya & Tanzania, the Batwa Pygmies of Uganda Rwanda & Congo and then, the Indigenous Karimojong in the Morungole Mountains of North Eastern Uganda very amazing to explore.

The great historical sites some of which are archaeological like the Ntusi earthworks dating far back to times of the Bachwezi rulers, the rock paintings in Nyero and Dolwe Island Lake Victoria, the 1520AD Eclipse monument in Biharwe with its connection to the Kingdoms of Ankole, Buganda and Bunyoro among others are also points of interest regarding the cultural tours in Africa.

The cultural festivities like the famous Imbalu circumcision ceremony among the Bagisu tribe in Uganda initiating the boys into manhood occurring every even year along with other prominent festivities across Africa form a rich ground for Africa cultural tours.

Africa Cultural Safaris Tours

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