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3 Days Queen Elizabeth Park Safari Uganda Tour

Choosing the Safari / Types of Safari

Safaris are notably costly vacation holidays but there is always a room to suit the safari in one’s travel budget.  The cost can definitely be affected by the length of stay and the accommodation category whether Luxury, Mid-range or Budget.  The All inclusive tours are more priced than the self drive or Overland but for solo travelers, they have to bear the Single supplement as the accommodation is majorly priced basing on double occupancy.

Luxury Safaris

The Luxury Safaris are presented by well established operators and can stretch to considerable thousands of US Dollars from each individual covering the safari activities, high end accommodation, food and a 4 x 4 Safari Jeep.  The Accommodation units can range from suites that are air conditioned to lush safari tents but with first rate service, hot running water and lush linen.

Mobile or Overland Safaris

Overland Safaris also referred to as mobile safaris are on a general note the cheapest of all organised safari types and they normally include; campsite accommodation and group travel. They are majorly participatory and as a result it is not strange to pitch own tent or cook a meal.


The Self drive is an adventurous encounter where you set out to explore the African wilderness on your own.  These are majorly carried out in public parks with clear signage and paved roads. Because of these directions, it is not a reason to worry of getting lost or ending up as a lion’s meal so long as you don’t stray. This is the cheapest of all options as you get the opportunity to look for the cheap accommodation options, meals and even do away with the guiding to explore the bush on your own. The setback of this safari type is that without a well experienced local guide, you might end up missing on the wild life of interest. However, pre safari research through intense reading of guide books and maps and eventual ground consultations from other guests can help one out.



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