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1 Uganda Birding Safari in Queen Elizabeth Park Uganda- Uganda Safari News

>>>>>>1 Uganda Birding Safari in Queen Elizabeth Park Uganda- Uganda Safari News

1 Uganda Birding Safari in Queen Elizabeth Park Uganda- Uganda Safari News


South Africa Wildlife safarisAre you looking for a short Uganda safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park? Here is a 1-day Uganda birding safari in Queen Elizabeth. This 1-day Queen Elizabeth safari in Uganda aim at giving you a chance to traverse Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda as you engage in an epic Uganda birding safari as well as a memorable cultural adventure as you get to meet one of the numerous local communities that reside here.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is of one of the numerous wildlife attractions that Uganda has to offer to any wildlife enthusiasts. Dubbed the medley of wonders, queen Elizabeth national park is revered as one of the best classic wild adventure national parks on the African plains by some of the best travel magazines and journalists or writers such as safari booking, lonely planet and trip advisor.

Meet the Dwellers of Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth claims its glory given its myriad of attractions that include 95 mammal species, which includes the rare tree climbing lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, hippos, bush bucks, a wide range of antelope family, a variety of monkey species and chimpanzees, 600 bird species and many reptiles like the Nile crocodiles, snakes and lizards and a number of volcanic features like volcanic cones and crater lakes like lake Katwe and Kikorongo. The highlight of this 1-day queen Elizabeth excursion will be a birding session over the Kasenyi plain which gives you chance to spot several of the savanna birds then a thrilling cultural mash up as you meet and greet local residents that reside on the peripherals of this magnificent piece of natural wonder.

Highlight of the 1-day queen Elizabeth safari in Uganda / 1 Uganda birding safari in Queen Elizabeth Park Uganda

Embark on Uganda tour to Queen Elizabeth with an early morning pick up from your hotel in either Kasese or Fort portal then enjoy a Uganda safari road adventure journey to queen Elizabeth. Do a morning birding drive over the Kasenyi plains then an evening cultural encounter.

Detailed itinerary of the 1-day Queen Elizabeth safari in Uganda / 1 Uganda birding safari in Queen Elizabeth park Uganda.

Lake Manyara National ParkThis 1-day Uganda birding safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park kicks off with an early morning freshly brewed cup of Ugandan coffee served with crunchy bites then ready yourself for a mesmerizing Uganda tour journey to queen Elizabeth national park. This is a rather a short Uganda tour journey but trust me when I say its fully loaded with memorable experiences as you get many mind-blowing road sightings you get to see as you drive towards queen Elizabeth on this tour Uganda. These begin with green scenaries that cover most of Uganda’s land scape then enjoy a sight of numerous hard-working Ugandans riding bicycles fully loaded with farm produce rushing to the nearest market centre to make a sale then feel the gentle and fresh breeze that will blow all your sorrows away. Begin your Uganda bird watching safari as you do drive through savannah plains and watch numerous birds that black rumped button qail, broad billed roller, Caspian plover, collared pratincole, crab plover, great blue turaco and many others.

Meet the natives that share queen Elizabeth with wild beasts

After about 3 hours of traversing of the savanna plains, take a break at any of the numerous Uganda safari accommodations lodges that are dotted all over queen, enjoy an African themed lunch then transfer to one of the cultural centers in Queen Elizabeth National Park. On arrival here you will receive an emphatic welcome that comes with a sounding music of African traditional songs and cultural dances and when the rhythm gets to your inner core, feel free to join the dancers and groove to this African rhythm.

The art of crafting

You will be given lessons by African craft masters on how to craft some traditional art and craft items on display like weaving baskets and also listen to the ever-present challenges they face as they share space with these great untamed beasts that are found here. As you climax your Uganda cultural safari part with some few dollars and buy a few of these African craft items on display that may appeal to your fashion.

Where else in Uganda to do get a truly magical Uganda wildlife experience?

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