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Addo Elephant National Park South Africa

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Addo Elephant National Park South Africa, South Africa safaris to Addo Elephant Park,  Addo Elephant National Park Safari Holidays. Addo Elephant National Park is located near Port Elizabeth in destination South Africa listed among her 19 National Parks standing as the third largest following Kruger National Park and the KgalagadiTransfrontier Park. The Addo Elephant National Park was established in the year 1931 with the aim of saving the 11 elephants which were nearing extinction but apparently boosting of over 600 individuals along with other Big mammals. The initialgazetted land was later increased to incorporate Woody Cape Nature Reserve that stretches from the mouth of Sundays River to Alexandria along with a marine reserve that includes St. Croix Island and the Bird Island which are famous breeding habitats for penguins –the second in the world and gannets – the largest in the world along with variety of other marine species. The planned expansion of Addo National Park to 3,600 km² will enable it to incorporate the African Big five in their natural habitats including Leopard, Lions, Buffalo, Elephant, Rhino , great white shark and Wale along with five (5) of the seven (7) major vegetation zones of  South Africa.

Addo Elephant National Park

Attractions in Addo Elephant National Park

Wildlife as a South African Safari attraction inAddo Elephant National Park

Addo Elephant National park features over 600 elephants, 400 counts of Cape Buffaloes, 48 counts of Black Rhinos along with a range of antelopes like Eland, Bush buck, Red Hartebeest and Kudu. The six (6) counts of the famous spotted hyena have been re-introduced of recent to the park. Addo Elephant Park also features the largest count of flightless dung beetle which combine to make the park very attracting. Other wild game include; leopards, Burchell’s Zebra and Wart hogs.

Flora as a South African Safari attraction in Addo Elephant National Park

The Addo Elephant National Park features diverse plant life which forms a rich park ecosystem. The Park features a range of endemic and rare plants including succulent shrubs along withgeophytes that are limited to South Africa and within Addo Elephant National Park. However, as a result of increased elephant population, the vegetation is under pressure and may face extinction. The vegetation categories in Addo include Albany Thicket in the initial Addo area, Fynbosin the section of Zuurberg, Forest in the area of Woody Cape, coastal dunes and grassy plains along the Coastal belt of the Indian Ocean.

Birds as a South African Safari attraction in Addo Elephant National Park

Addo Elephant National ParkAddo Elephant National Park features impressive bird habitats that support myriad of bird species that would be of interest to a birder on a safari in South Africa. The expansion of the park to include Lake Darlington, the coastal Islands, Woody Cape, Alexandria Forest among others increase the bird varieties in the park and make it more attractive.
The area within and surrounding the Addo rest camp featureCape Robin-Chat, Karoo Scrub Robin, Bokmakierie, Bar-throated Apalis, Southern Tchagra, Cape Bunting, Brown-hooded Kingfisher, Fork-tailed Drongo, Fiscal Flycatcher, Spectacled Weaver, Greater Double-collared and Malachite and Sunbird. The other species include; Black Korhaan, Martial Eagle, Blue Crane, Black-headed Heron, Denham’s Bustard and Secretary bird.
The Zuuberg’s wooden kloofs feature species include; African Crowned Eagles breed, Eastern Cape Forest species like Olive Bush Shrike, Cape Batisand Yellow-throated Woodland-Warbler.
The Alexandria Forest contain species including Black Cuckoo (summer only), KnysnaTuraco, Grey Cuckoo-shrike, Dark-backed Weaver, Narina Trogon and Chorister Robin-chat. While it’s southern coastal grasslands feature species like Denham’s Bustard and Black-winged Plover.
The coastal Islands feature remarkable breeding colonies of African Penguins and Cape Gannet and Roseate Tern. The mouth of River Sundays in summer featurescounts of tern roosts including Sandwich, Swift, Common Terns, Damara Tern that breed in the adjacent sand dunes. The Karoo vegetation which surrounds Lake Darlington feature Karoo endemics like Rufous-eared Warbler, PriritBatis and Karoo Chat. The Dam at Darlington Dam features Lesser Flamingos, Goliath Herons,Greyheaded Gulls and fresh-water terns.

Activities in Addo Elephant National Park

Game drive as a South African Safari Activity at Addo National Park

The game drive allows one to explore the amazing wild game of Addo Elephant National Park. This activity can be done at the Sun rise, Morning, Midday, Afternoon, Sundowner and Night under the guidance of the park rangers. There is also an option of using the local community guides to take you on the wild game viewing in the park and eventually the self drive game viewing experience where one is able to use own vehicle for safari encounter.

4×4 Adventure Trail as a South African Safari Activity at Addo National Park

Bedrogfontein 4×4 trail stretches between Darlington and Kabouga park areas offering impressive scenic views and history. The route traverses the ancient battle areas of the Afrikaner and the British during the Anglo-Boer War along with magical rock paintings in the area. The remarkable vegetation along the route are worth exploring as well including;afromontane forest, riverine thicket, fynbos and the arid nama-karooarea of Darlington. The route is 45km lasting about 6 hours drive.

Hiking as a South African Safari Activity at Addo National Park

The hiking trails include;
The 32km Alexandria Hiking Traillasting two (2) days is an impressive activity worth undertaking. The first day takes 18.5km while the second day takes 13.5km. The accommodation for the night is provided at Woody Cape Guesthouse on the base of the trail. The trail takes 12 people per day.

Zuurberg Hiking Trails

There are trails in the Zuurberg Mountains that last one hour, 3 hours and four hours which can be undertaken as well.

Addo Elephant National Park
PPC Discovery Trail

The PPC Discovery Trail is taken in the main camp and suitable for visually impaired and wheel chair users as it short.

Marine Eco-tours as a South African Safari Activity at Addo National Park

The Marine eco tour is designed to enable you explore the coastal ecosystem. The two of the Big 7 in Addo Elephant National Park thrive in the ocean namely the whale and great white shark. This can be combined with the game drive to explore the big five.

Addo Horse Trails as a South African Safari Activity at Addo National Park

These are conducted in the morning commencing at 8:30am and the afternoon commencing at 2pm. These rides are conducted in area of Nyanthi where the Bigfive thrive. The Addo horse encounter doesn’t allow children less than sixteen years and has to be booked not less than one hour to the activity. One rider is allowed per horse and shouldn’t be exceeding 90kgs.

Zuurberg Horse Trails

The Zuuberg Horse Trails traverse the Zuurberg Mountain for magical sightseeing of the mountain landscape.

Type of Ride

Time of Ride

Maximum persons

Minimum persons

One hour trail

09:00am / 11:00am/ 14:00pm



Three hour trail

09:00am / 11:00am



Five hour trail




Overnight trail Narina Bush Camp

09:00am / 11:00am



Birding as a South Africa Safari activity in Addo Elephant National Park

The Addo Elephant National Park features a myriad of bird species including Common Ostrich, African Penguin, Black necked grebe, Little Grebe, Shy Albatros, Grey headed Albatross, Great Shearwater, Cape Gannet, Great-winged petrel, Manx Sheawater, Cape Cormorant, Reed Cormorant, Grey Heron, Black headed Heron, Goliath Heron, Egyptian Goose, White-Backed Vulture, European Honey Buzzard, Verreaux’s Eagle Grey winged Francolin Bokmakierie, Fork-tailed Drongo, Brown Hooded King Fisher, Cape Robin, Martial Eagle, Double-collared Sunbird, Secretary Bird, Cape Batis, Black Korhaan, Olive Bush Shrike, Cape Parrot, Grey Cuckoo Shrike and KnysnaTuraceamong other species. This presents an impressive birding experience.

Accommodation in Addo Elephant National Park


Kuzuko lodge literally translated as the place of glory is positioned on the margin of Addo Elephant Park on a raised hill presenting impressive views of the park.  Kuzuko lodge is a luxury facility and very ideal for families travelling together. The lodge presents a complete child caring experience including special child menus, baby sitters, outdoor children activities’, camping cots  to mention but a few.
Accommodation at Kuzuko Lodge is presented in 24 lush cottages of which three (3) are accessed by the wheel chair.
Room facilities

  • En-suite bathroom with walk in shower & bath
  • Mini-bar
  • Tea/coffee making facilities
  • Color television
  • Direct dialing telephones
  • FreeWi-Fi.
  • Sleeper coach for children below 12 years

Facilities at Kuzuko Lodge

  • A fully set conference Centre taking up to 48 delegates
  • Business centre
  • Swimming pool
  • Wellness Centre
  • Curio shop
  • Bar
  • Lounge
  • Restaurant with outdoor deck
  • Bush braai boma
  • 24 Chalets
  • Wireless Internet Connectivity
  • Landing Strip & Helipad


Addo Gateway Lodge also referred to as the guesthouse is an established bed & breakfast accommodation unitpositioned in Cannonville on the Sundays River Banks 35km from Port Elizabeth – the Nelson Mandela Bay.  The lodge is positioned in the southern extension of the park which was done in the year 2010 and boasts of impressive views of the river and dunes across.
Accommodation at Addo Gateway Lodge is offered in double and twin rooms that can take between 10 – 14 guests.

  • Private entrances for rooms
  • Fans
  • Heaters
  • TV
  • Coffee & tea facilities
  • Fully equipped kitchen for self-catering
  • Lounge
  • Dining room with indoor braai
  • Communal TV plus DSTV connection – come along with own decoder
  • Entertainment system with games, music center, Videos and DVDs  for hire

Accommodation Rates for Addo Gateway lodge

 Nov 2016 – Mar 2017 April – Oct 2017
Single  BB Rand 575 Rand 525
Double  per person sharing BB Rand 425 Rand 375
Self-catering single Rand 525 Rand 475
Self-catering double Rand 375 Rand 325


The Addo Afrique Giraffe Lodge is positioned in a private reserve that is malaria free overlooking the famous Addo National Park. The lodge is positioned at 72km from Port Elizabeth.
Accommodation at Giraffe Lodge is presented in three (3) en suite rooms on bed and breakfast arrangement.
Room facilities

  • Heating/cooling air conditioning
  • Lounge
  • Jacuzzi/spa bath in the main bedroom
  • Outdoor showers and
  • Private plunge pool
  • Braai/barbecue areas

The three suites include; Tranquility Suite which is the master suite with four (4) poster bed, Serenity Suite which features a queen sized bed along with a double bed suitable for families and eventually the Harmony Suite which is positioned on the ground level with queen sized bed.
Accommodation Rates at Addo Afrique giraffe lodge

Suite Rand 6800



The Addo Rest Camp is a national park owned facility offering cost effective accommodation to the travellers on safaris in South Africa visiting AddoElephant National Park.
he popular main rest camp of the park offers a wide variety of accommodation units to suit all tastes and plenty of activities to keep visitors busy. A unique feature is the waterhole lookout point situated inside the camp and which is floodlit at night, as well as the underground hide, allowing close encounters with wildlife at the waterhole

Google Map Showing how to get to Addo Elephant National Park from Johannesburg

Google Map Showing Addo Elephants National Park


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Google Map Showing Addo Elephants National Park

Google Map of South Africa

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