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Moremi Game Reserve

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Moremi Game Reserve is a re-known protected area in Botswana and noted to be the first of its stature to be created by the local people. The Batawana people got concerned over the increasing wildlife losses in their lands as a result of excessive hunting and livestock grazing and under the governance of the wife of their deceased Chief Moremi III; they resolved to declare the area Moremi Game Reserve in the year 1963.

The Moremi Game Reserve is famous for having scooped the award as the best Game Reserve in Africa at the Indaba fair in 2008 recognised by the African Travel and Tourism Association. Being the only official protected area in the Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve features a considerable environmental, scientific and conservation role in the country of Botswana.

Moremi Game Reserve protects the eastern and central sections of the Okavango Delta including the Moremi tongue along with the Chief’s Island. The Moremi Game Reserve is known for good views of the savannah views along with considerable bird viewing in the lagoons. The park’s thicket shelters the elusive leopard and the rare African wild dog.

Though the game reserve is only 5,000km2, it stands as a very diverse wildlife reserve that comprises of acacia forests, the mopane woodland, Lagoons and flood plains. The 30% of the reserve is the main land while the entire 70% is within the Okavango Delta.

Attractions in Moremi National Park

Wildlife as a Botswana Safari attraction in Moremi National Park


Moremi Game Reserve feature a myriad of wild game including the African buffalo, the Angolan Giraffe, the African Leopard, the Southwest African lion, the South African Cheetah, Jackal, the Hyena, the Impala, Cape wild dog and the Red Lechwe.

Birds as a Botswana Safari attraction in Moremi National Park

Moremi National Park shelters a count of close to 500 bird species that include the water birds and forest dwelling birds. Examples of bird species include; African fish eagle, the hammerkop, the Sacred Ibis, Crested crane, Long-tailed Cormorants, the Pel’s fishing owl, the Lilac-breasted roller, Malachite Kingfisher, Squacco Heron, Ostrich, Saddle-billed Stork, endangered Wattled Cranes, Red-billed Duck, African Pygmy-Goose, Winding Cisticola, Black Crake, African Green-Pigeon, Common Moorhen,  Little Bee-eater, African Jacanas, Burchell’s and Double-banded sandgrouse, long-toed Lapwings, Helmeted Guineafowl,       White-faced Whistling-Ducks, Great White Pelicans, Egyptian Geese, Hadada Ibis, Hamerkop, African Spoonbill and Goliath Heron.

Tourist Activities in Moremi National Park

Game viewing as a Botswana Safari attraction in Moremi National Park

The game viewing experience is suitably done in the months of July up to October when the seasonal water pans dry out and the animals draw close to the permanent water. The game viewing in pop up 4 x 4 tour vehicles under the guidance of expert professionals offer possibilities of exploring species like the Angolan Giraffe, Red Lechwe, African buffalo, the African Leopard, the South African Cheetah, the Southwest African lion,  Jackal, the Impala, the Hyena and the Cape wild dog. The recent re-introduction of both white and Black Rhino has affirmed the Big five game viewing experience.

Canoe Trips in the Okavango Delta as a Botswana Safari attraction in Moremi National Park

Canoe Trips in the Okavango Delta

The Moremi Game Reserve present good canoeing adventure to explore the world’s famous Okavango Delta.  The local Mokoro canoes made out of the sausage or ebony tree paddled by an expert indigenous guide offer a detailed and authentic encounter of the natural ecosystem. The sights of flora, the birds and wildlife are magical and rewarding encounters that would generate lasting memories for travellers on safaris in Botswana.

Birding as a Botswana Safari attraction in Moremi National Park

The Moremi National Park with a range of 500 bird species presents impressive birding opportunities. The birding on local canoes, on foot and in the vehicle allows one to explore the diverse bird habitats of the park which can be done in the morning and in the evening or as a whole day experience.  The bird species which might be explored include among others; African fish eagle, the Sacred Ibis, the wattled crane, the long tailed cormorants, the African Pygmy goose, the Great white pelicans, long toed lapwings among other species.

Accommodation in Moremi National Park

Mombo Camp

Mombo Camp-acommodation-in-botswana

Mombo Camp is located in positioned in the Mombo Concession to the extreme north of Chief’s Island within the boundaries of Moremi Game Reserve.  The Mombo Camp stands along with the little Mombo.

Facilities at Mombo Camp;

  • Nine (9) en suite tents exist at main Mombo Camp
  • Three (3) Tents exist at Little Mombo
  • Bar
  • Dining
  • Two (2) plunge pools

Accommodation Rates for Mombo Camp

11 Jan to 31 March 2016 $1,427
1 April to 31 May 2016 $1,674
1 June to 31 Oct 2016 $2,185
1 Nov to 19 Dec 2016 $1,674
20 Dec 2016 to 10 Jan 2017 $1,908

Chief’s Camp


The Chief’s Camp is a luxury Camp positioned on Chief’s Island in the concession of Mombo in the Moremi National Park in Botswana’s Okavango Delta. The camp derives its name from Chief Moremi whose wife championed the formation of Moremi National Park.

The Chief’s Camp is undergoing refurbishment and the work will come to an end on May 31st 2016 and will see the opening of twelve (12) new pavilions with;

  • Nespresso machine
  • Private dining area
  • Outside seating area
  • Air-conditioning and fan
  • Plunge pool
  • Wi-Fi

After refurbishment, the Chief’s Camp will have two new interconnecting suites with;

  • One (1) mini suite taking up to 2 guests
  • One (1) Luxury suite taking up to 4 – 6 guests
  • Private Kitchen
  • Private boma with fire pit
  • Indoor lounge
  • Private waiter
  • Private vehicle
  • Private housekeeper
  • Private guide
  • Premium drinks
  • Deck area


Xigera Camp

Xigera Camp is positioned on the Paradise Island engulfed by lush vegetation and deep channels.

Facilities at Xigera Camp

  • Ten (10) elevated en suite luxury tents overlooking the Okavango Delta
  • Lounge
  • Bar
  • Dining Area
  • Traditional African boma
  • Small plunge pool
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